Our Company appeared on the Ukrainian market more than 15 years ago, and have received a status of a reliable supplier of nutrition products throughout Ukraine. We are the owners of a brand mark “RIO”. The wide range of fruit, vegetable and mushroom conservations are manufactured under the brand mark “RIO”. Production under the brand mark “RIO” became the most expected and favourite product for a lot of consumers. The plants-manufacturers are located in Greece, Thailand, China, India, Spain and Vietnam.
“RIO” products are concentrated on the wide range of consumers. The main principles of our Company are the following: health, quality and affordable prices. We want to give the Ukrainian consumer a possibility to buy products of European quality and reasonable prices.
In addition to it, we are distributors of prominent global brands, such as: seasoning and spices under the brand “Kucharek” and “Avokado”, macaroni foods “Del Castello”, olive oil “Mueloliva”. Long-term cooperation and huge experience of common work directly with the manufacturers allows us to withstand competition by prices, range of products and delivery conditions of products to their customers successfully.
We cooperate with the biggest network of supermarkets throughout Ukraine. For our customers’ convenience, we have a huge network of distributors in a lot of Ukrainian cities. As a matter of fact, we were chosen by a lot of enterprises of HoReCa sector and it is an argument of high quality and reliability of our work.
All above-mentioned allows our Company to stand on our feet with confidence, increasing turnover and assortiment. We are proud of deserving quality, sensible prices, the best service, favourable conditions of cooperation, because all this is a policy of our Company.